Chitalishte "Rodina – 1860"
Stara Zagora, 94 Knyaz Boris I str.
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Chairman: Dora Ilieva

A Brief History

On March 25th 1860 eighteen active local residents founded the first school in Zeleznik, whose successor is now Chitalishte "Rodina – 1860". With its history and activities are associated creation and development of the Drama Theatre "Geo Milev" and the first provincial opera in Bulgaria, the Regional History Museum and the Association of the Writers in our town.
By decision of the Municipal Council in 2000 Chitalishte "Rodina – 1860" was awarded with a badge of honor of the city and was declared an honorary institution of Stara Zagora.
The Chitalishte "Rodina – 1860" is the largest community center in Bulgaria. In its various units are involved over 2,000 local residents.

Festivals and competitions

The Chitalishte "Rodina – 1860" organized the National Competition for Young Performers and authors of popular song "Thracian Lyre", traditionally held at the end of June. It aims at strengthening and promoting young talented artists and performers of pop songs.

Membership in professional organizations

  • The Chitalishte "Rodina – 1860" is a member of the Union of Community Centers.
  • The Rodina Library is a member of the Bulgarian Library and Information Association.
  • The Language School is a member of the Bulgarian Association for Quality Language Services "Optima".
  • The Choir "Rodina" is a member of the Choral Union in Bulgaria.


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