Campaigns – Reading Stara Zagora

Under the initiative of Rodina Library the International Day of the Book and Copyright – April 23, annually is celebrated with a reading marathon "Reading Stara Zagora."
We invite all lovers of a good book – children, students and adults to participate in the marathon at their workplace, in the classroom, in the club, business office, or local café, in a family environment.
Let's enjoy together the pleasure of reading!

The marathon in Stara Zagora is a part of the National Reading Marathon, organized by the Bulgarian Library and Information Association (BLIA). The initiative was first held in 2006 as part of the campaign Reading Bulgaria.
World Book Day is celebrated since 1996 on the initiative of UNESCO in recognition of the key role of reading and education for personal development. Day April 23rd  was chosen as a traditional celebration of culture in Portugal – the country which proposed on that date to be celebrated World Book Day and Copyright. It is also the birthday of Shakespeare and the death of Shakespeare and Cervantes. The World Book Day and Copyright is marked worldwide by governments, NGOs and cultural institutions and organizations linked to the book and literature.
Participation at the marathon is unregulated and voluntary. Consists of reading texts of favorite works, works of a given author or a chosen theme.

Campaigns Library Week

The Rodina Library participates variety of initiatives organized by the Bulgarian Library and Information Association during National Library Week, which is held annually in May.
The main objective of the campaign is to attract the attention of the legislative, executive and local authorities and of the public to libraries and their ability to play a key role in the development of the information society.

Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Programme

The Glob@l Libraries – Bulgaria Programme aims to facilitate access to information, knowledge, communication, digital content and community services through the network of public libraries, by increasing the use of libraries across the country and helping the Bulgarian citizens to integrate into the global information society.
The Rodina Library is a target library and learning center in the program.
For 2012 the training center of the Rodina Library organized two trainings related to the organization and management of the Public Library, communicating and working with people and communities, advocacy, fundraising and project development. At the training center was situated pilot training in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for people with visual disabilities.

For 2013 at the training center of the Rodina Library will be held two trainings for people with mental and two trainings for people with visual impairments, as well as a training in Area 4 (Communicating and working with users and communities) and Area 5 (advocacy, fundraising and project development).


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